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What is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

A Certified Legal Nurse ConsultantCM is specially trained to consult with attorneys on medical-related issues. A legal nurse consultant is a nurse specialist, who, related to their clinical experience, knows standards of care. The legal nurse can review, interpret and summarize the medical records and documents related to a case. As a medical insider a legal nurse can provide information regarding medical standards of practice, policies, procedures, and protocols as related to each individual case. We screen cases for merit, write reports and assist with discovery, deposition, trial and throughout the litigation process.

"A CLNC® consultant focuses on nursing and medical issues. A nurse paralegal concentrates on the legal issues which may prohibit an in-depth analysis of the medical issues." We can access information that a paralegal won’t know exists such as AMA’s Directory of Practice, Parameters and Guidelines.

Why utilize a Registered Nurse?

RNs are born investigators. We critique Not only Nursing care but medical practice and the practice of ancillary disciplines in healthcare on a daily basis.

  • Records Tampering Analysis
  • Screen & investigate cases for merit
  • Define standards of care
  • Damage & injury assessment
  • Medical Records Analysis
  • Analyze expert witness reports
  • Review & analyze depositions
  • Conduct research and summarize medical literature
  • Attend Defense Medical exams (DME)
  • Attend Independent medical exams (IME)
  • Locate Expert Witnesses
  • Medicare Set A-Side Allocator
  • Assess competences of individuals for bedside wills/contested wills

A lawyer’s best friend is a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant that is also a CHCA-Certified Healthcare Auditor. CHCA’s have knowledge and experience in the following:

  • What the OIG (Office of Inspector General) is looking for when investigating physicians and facilities through audits.
  • Auditing and monitoring compliance plans.
  • In auditing principles and application by dissecting numerous hand written, electronic, template driven and other various medical record documentation formats.
  • In correct interpretation and application of CMS regulations and the 1995 and 1997 evaluation and management documentation guidelines.
  • Understands the regulatory guidelines.
  • In quality assurance and risk analysis in addition to scope and statistical sampling methodologies utilized by the OIG.
  • Is familiar with pertinent regulatory information that is critical to accurate and compliant auditing. Understands the audit process from start to report development and delivery.
  • Is able to back up results from a private and regulatory perspective.
  • CHCA’s provide education and compliance services to lawyers, physicians, medical providers, insurance companies and healthcare organizations.
  • Medical records/chart auditing is necessary component to risk reduction, compliance and a healthy bottom-line. Auditing provides proof of services endured by medical providers. Auditing also shows areas that are in need of improvement.

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